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Thank you for giving Alkaliza a go. You will truly experience exceptional health like you have never experienced before. Those symptoms you thought were part of growing old will begin to disappear.

Please fill out the order form below and we will send you one free Alkaliza sachet sample. You will get the sachet absolutely free (including free postage).
With one sachet you will experience more energy straight away. However, for more prolonged symptoms you will need to take more sachets in order to see significant improvement in your health.

With our Deluxe sample bundle you will get 5 sachets of Alkaliza to try for a week. Also you will get free pH strips you can use to test your urine in the morning to see if you are acidic. Anything below a pH value of 7 means you are acidic. If you would like to order the Deluxe sample bundle please go to our order now page.

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