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At last, Exceptional Health is EASY for you!

For the first time, exceptional health is easily available to you. And you do not have to embark upon strict and impossible diet regimes on which you would ultimately give up.

Many natural health practitioners advocate an alkaline diet for exceptional health, which means the exclusion of sugar, meat and grains (rice, bread, pasta). Or at least drastically cut them down from your diet. For many people this is an impossible task, as cutting out these things would virtually cut out 90% of what we love to eat. Here are examples of the food you need to eliminate from your diet in order to maintain alkalinity.

  • Pasta, rice, and everything from a bakery (grains)
  • All meat animal products including fish, dairy and egg (animal protein)
  • Chocolate and anything sweet including fruits (sugar)
  • Alcohol (made from sugar)

As you can see it is difficult to maintain an alkaline diet... until now.

At last, you have an easy and effective way to alkalize in your body.

Introducing Alkaliza, an all-natural Alkaline Drink Supplement you can drink every day to maintain alkalinity. You can keep your lifestyle and be healthy too. You can continue to eat anything you want. This is truly amazing. You get to keep the nutrients from the above foods and Alkaliza will alkalize your body.

Alkaliza is an alkaline powder that mixes with ordinary tap water to create an alkaline water of pH value of over 11. This level of alkalinity will neutralize the meat, grain and sugar in our modern western diet. Alkaliza comes in easy-to-use sachets that mix with ordinary tap water to produce a powerful and refreshing drink that promotes pH balance, health and wellbeing.

Alkaliza is made from all-natural marine molluscs harvested from the pristine oceans surrounding Australia. Being naturally-grown in the ocean, Alkaliza contains all the goodness of alkali minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and many other trace minerals, without nasty chemicals that can harm your health.

For just $59.50 incl. GST, try Alkaliza for your pH Balance Health and Wellbeing. You get 30 sachets -- one for every day of the month. It is a small price to pay for exceptional health.

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